Rotten Eggs

Did you know that May is National Egg Month?  Neither did we… until now! Though this may not be the most commendable and complimentary way to celebrate eggs, we thought we would take this opportunity to discuss one of most dangerous hazards in the maritime industry, which just so happens to express a “rotten egg” … Read more

35-year Flashback

We have seen the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag trending for years now, but we’ve pulled up something pretty great for the slightly less popular #FlashbackFriday.  This month marks the 35th anniversary for the below Safety Reminder by David Miller, featured in the December, 1982, edition of Beaver Tales, a publication for employees of the National Marine Service, … Read more

Time-lapse of 30 Days at Sea

Earlier this month, YouTube user JeffHK posted a stunning time-lapse video comprised of roughly 80,000 photographs depicting his travels at sea aboard a container ship.  Check out his work below.