New Resource – Videos

We have added another resource to our site. Our Video Resources page provides viewers the opportunity to learn about a variety of industry-related topics in a new way.  Though we can all learn a lot by reading about these topics, most of us will gain a greater understanding through visual presentation of these.

New Resource – OSHA Publications

We have added a new resource to our OSHA Publications page. OSHA Fact Sheet: Safely Performing Hot Work on Hollow or Enclosed Structures in Marine Terminals was released earlier this month.  It defines hollow or enclosed structures and lists some examples, identifies some hazards and sources of flammable or explosive atmospheres workers may encounter when working … Read more

Site Changes Coming Soon

We are currently in the process of updating our web site. Our site is undergoing a rebuild and should be finished within two weeks.  During this time, many of our pages may be missing and some of the links present may not be working correctly. When this project is complete, we hope to have a … Read more