Marine Chemists & Tank Cleaning Video

Tank cleaners play an integral part in the gas freeing of marine vessels.  While the onus is placed on the Marine Chemist to verify that spaces have been properly cleaned and gas freed, the cleaners perform the hard, dirty work to prepare spaces for inspection.  In this video we discuss and demonstrate proper tank and piping gas freeing procedures and inspection techniques.  We also touch on PPE, equipment, valves, and strainers seen and utilized during these procedures and inspections.

COVID-19 Resources

“Unprecedented times” – we have become accustomed to these words and the great impact the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have on us.  With fear stricken, rules placed, and plans scrambled, we are all muddling through our uncertainties the best we can. Anything we can say about these times has already been said, so we simply … Read more