Career Day

Yesterday we were lucky enough to visit again with Boulder Bluff Elementary (BBE) for Career Day. This year we brought in some photo boards to give students a better idea of what exactly a chemist’s job entails. Students were able to get a glimpse of mammoth ships and engine rooms, the interiors of shipboard and … Read more

Career Day

We had a great time at Boulder Bluff Elementary (BBE) School’s Career Day today! Josh talked about what chemists do on a day-to-day basis and touched on topics like confined spaces, atmospheric testing, thermal imaging, and vapor density. Students were able to use their heat signatures to draw on the back of a projector screen … Read more

Career Day Presentations

If you saw a manhole open on the street, would you jump right in and explore the sewer system?  Most of the students we spoke to at Boulder Bluff Elementary School (BBE) said they wouldn’t, but there are always a few exceptions!  The school has been celebrating its career week and allowed us and some other lucky people to come in to discuss and demonstrate our … Read more

Confined Space Rescue Training

Images by David Miller Over the last several months, we have worked with local fire department and shipyard personnel to discuss ways in which all involved parties can collaborate in emergency situations involving shipboard confined spaces.  With the intent of becoming acquainted with all available resources and strategizing how best to utilize these, we developed … Read more