The following publications are separated into categories of Chemical or Health Hazards and Safety, Confined Space Hazards and Safety, Electrical Hazards and Safety, Maritime Hazards and Safety, and Safety During Hot Work.

29 CFR 1915 – Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment*

Chemical or Health Hazards and Safety

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (OSHA Fact Sheet)
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (OSHA Quick Card)
Guidelines for Safely Entering and Cleaning Vessel Sewage Tanks (OSHA Fact Sheet)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) (OSHA Fact Sheet)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) (OSHA Quick Card)
Lead in Construction (OSHA Publication)
Protecting Workers from Lead Hazards (OSHA Fact Sheet)

Confined Space Hazards and Safety

Confined Space Safety on Commercial Fishing Vessels (OSHA Fact Sheet)
Marine Industry & Shipyard Confined Space Entry & Work (NFPA Fact Sheet)
Permit-Required Confined Spaces in General Industry (OSHA Quick Card)
Procedures for Atmospheric Testing in Confined Spaces (OSHA Fact Sheet)

Electrical Hazards and Safety

Controlling Electrical Hazards
Working Safely with Electricity (OSHA Fact Sheet)
Electrical Safety (OSHA Quick Card)

Maritime Hazards and Safety

Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) Ship and Dock Safety
Safe Work Practices for Shipbreaking
Shipbreaking (OSHA Fact Sheet)
Shipyard Industry Standards
Spud Barge Safety (OSHA Fact Sheet)

Safety during Hot Work

NFPA Fact Sheet: Marine Industry & Shipyard Hot Work
Eye Protection against Radiant Energy during Welding and Cutting in Shipyard Employment (OSHA Fact Sheet)
Fire Watch Safety during Hot Work in Shipyards (OSHA Quick Card)
Safely Performing Hot Work on Hollow or Enclosed Structures in Marine Terminals

Video Resources

Are you a visual learner?  Here are several videos covering a variety of topics relating to the maritime and general industries.

OSHA Examines Fatal Shipyard Accidents by the US Department of Labor
Respirator Protection in General Industry by the US Department of Labor
Proteccion Respiratoria en la Industria en General by the US Department of Labor
Respirator Types by the US Department of Labor
Respirator Fit Testing by the US Department of Labor
Maintenance and Care of Respirators by the US Department of Labor
Mantenimiento y Cuidado de los Resriradores by the US Department of Labor

*Marine chemists are regulated specifically by 29 CFR 1915.14.

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