Statement of Qualifications

MET-Chem, Inc. specializes in providing National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)-certificated Marine Chemist services.  Some of our environmental and safety services include visual inspections, atmospheric testing, and issuance of Marine Chemist Certificates, consultations, inertions, and specialized training for confined space entry and Shipyard Competent Persons.  Our goal is to provide knowledgeable, professional, and prompt service to protect and preserve life, health, property, and the environment in the maritime industry.

The NFPA-certified Marine Chemists of MET-Chem, Inc. adhere to the safety standards set forth in NFPA® 306, Standard for the Control of Gas Hazards on Vessels, and 29 CFR 1915, Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment.  Our chemists undergo certification and recertification every five (5) years in accordance with the “Rules for the Certification and Recertification of Marine Chemists”.  They are members of the Marine Chemist Association and regularly attend continuing education seminars.